Call AŞÎTÎ Urban Games Bootcamp

The Game Against The Religious Terrorism

Financed by the Program ERASMUS+, the project trains young people on the creation of Urban Games in the European capitals




Urban space as a place for collective cooperation. Cultural, ethnic and religious interactions at the foundation of common life in today's Europe. That’s the mission of Aşȋtȋ Games, a new two-year training project (2018-2020) of the nonprofit association Creativi108, based in Bologna.

Funded by the European Erasmus Plus Program, Aşȋtȋ aims at training up young Europeans about the values ​​of cultural exchange and social inclusion, considered as crucial factors for community growth. In fact, Aşȋtȋ (a word that means peace in the Kurdish language) is first of all an educational stance against all religious fundamentalisms and their terroristic expression in cities’ spaces.

In the face of frequent urban massacres claimed by confessional fanaticism, Creativi108 wants to revive the perception of the city as a place of meeting, sharing and listening among the people. And it does so through the instrument of the urban games. Games created by the young people selected by the partners of the project and enjoyed by citizens in some European cities. Therefore, a concept of playing as a first and elementary form of community experience, which can only be implemented through a system of rules that makes it possible to meet with the others.

With a view to the future, the project aims to concretely make the participants bearers of a democratic and cooperative way of living among people belonging to different cultures. In fact, thanks to the knowledge and abilities acquired, they will be able to interface with institutions, academies and other social actors, planning and organizing events of social inclusion.




For the start-up of the project -organized with the international partners Jovesolides (Spain), CAI - Conversas Associacao International (Portugal), Laboratorium Zmiany (Poland) -Creativi108 has opened a selection call for six young people that will be trained in the following sectors: street education, gamification strategies, strategic communication of urban events, prototyping and service design. The training, in English language, will be held by international experts.

The preselection application must be submitted within December 16th 2018 at 24.00, through a registration form. For the preselected candidates A meeting at the headquarter of Creativi108 will follow on 10 December at 10.00.

Thanks to the European funds and the support of the project partners, 6 scholarships will be awarded, 3 for full coverage and 3 for partial coverage.

The selected candidates will follow a 150-hour training to be carried out during the month of April 2019. The training model is a blended learning that integrates an online training and three mobility trainings in Europe, of the duration of 3 days each, for the organization of Urban Games in Spain, Portugal and Poland between June and September 2019.

The training activities will take place from 01 to 29 April 2019 in a residence with a dedicated room in Borgo Panigale (Bologna). The training will take on the appearance of a multidisciplinary laboratory of non-formal intensive education and social innovation for the creation of Urban Games. The designed games will arrive in the urban areas of Bologna, Lisbon, Valencia and Opole open to the active participation of all citizens.

Call for participants