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Aşîtî project presentation

Welcome tour project Aşîtî Games. If you are interested about the project and leave a positive impact as a response to the terrorist attacks that are creating a climate of fear and distrust around Europe. If you think that also a little contribution can make a positive change in the world you live. If you like to think that you have the power of change, join our events.

"We are what we think. Everything we are raises from our thoughts. Our thoughts build the world"
“Noi siamo ciò che pensiamo.Tutto quello che siamo sorge dai nostri pensieri. I nostri pensieri costruscono il mondo

Main Objective

The Aşîtî Games project aims to generate Urban Games using some social innovation methodologies, a group of young multi-religious Youth Workers

will reproduce them in cities and squares throughout Europe especially in places that have been hit by terrorist assaults, to generate a change in the perception of places that are the scene of attacks and provide a glaring experience on how religions do not are an obstacle to peaceful cohabitation.

The training will be oriented towards the creation of a working team able to be influencers in their community to which they belong to, they will be able to involve other young people from different religions, schools, local authorities

and citizens in the realization of the Aşîtî events for an anti-terrorist communication campaign.

DATE : 16th September 2018 - h 20,30

Via Niccolò Dall'Arca Bologna - Italy

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