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Aşîtî Urban Games Portugal

Aggiornamento: 9 mag 2018

CAI Organization from Lisbona

CAI Association from Lisbon - expert in educational street - will host one of the Aşîtî Urban Games event. The Youth Workers team will work for organizing on the spot the activities, as a result of the Design realized during the 30 days Bootcamp in Bologna. Many local organizations will be involved as well as schools and institutions, the promoters of the events will be youngster that have participated to the intensive training in Bologna and had realized the first Aşîtî event in 'Piazza Maggiore'.

“We need a healthy believe for growing in love.”

To support our initiative

The project aims to reproduce the Urban Games events in many others European cities, mostly in squares or places where terrorist actions took place, due to the religious extremism.

Creativi 108 will sustain the raise of a stakeholders network that aims to support the project or desire to implement the proposal thanks to a sponsor and crowdfunding campaign.

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