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Change the prospective through the power of words

Authors: Nikoletta, Aleksandra, Marcelo

Third week in Bologna, three weeks of our team’s life. We are getting older, what do we learn on the meanwhile? During this week we welcomed Amr an Egyptian trainer who lives in Spain. The subject of the week was “the communication”. How important is communication in our lives and how well we can communicate with each other.

This is a great issue, especially in that generation that had learned to communicate through technology. I am wondering have we forgotten how to communicate face to face? Body language, identity, beliefs, experiences are all elements of the communication and those elements are unique to each one of us, but they also have the power to connect us. The variety of our backgrounds make the relationships more interesting. Discovering the otherness, understand it and accept it or at least respect it can make people more open-minded, more intelligent and knowledgeable.

Our speech is a main tool of communication and so the way we use it has a great impact on our environment. Speech has power, words have power, languages have power. Controlling our speech means controlling ourselves, putting our footprint on the communication, being aware of what we are saying, expressing our beliefs and moral. How do we apply all this knowledge to our society through the games is the main challenge for this week.

Our team is consisted of people with different backgrounds and ideologies and although we are all Europeans, the way of thinking differs a lot. So, the first step was to get to know each other, accept and respect the differences. Then we realised that we have more things in common, same interests and same willingness for a change. Change of our perspectives, change of the stereotypes, changes on the roles, changes in the society itself. We are unique we are different but we have a common goal, create games that include respect and promote diversity.

Imagine a world where everyone would be the same, same interests, same ideas, same experiences, same behaviours, same faces, same.. , same.., same. BORING! Don’t be afraid of the other, the new, the different! Learn, discover, create! Come with us on 27th of May in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna. Be part of the Asiti Games project and help us create a game about diversity, a game about you!

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