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Aşîtî Urban Games Bologna

Aggiornamento: 13 mar 2019

Coming with Creativi108!

The beautiful Bologna will be the theatre for Aşîtî Games created for anybody that is willing to come and participate to the Urban Games. A registration is requested 5 days before the event date in April 2019. Creativi108 changemakers team, will work for the organization and the Design of the Bootcamp training, where the Urban Games will be ideated.

“ Do you think that violence is necessary in oder to protect a religious difference? ”

You can make the difference, come to the Urban Games events, to partecipate to something innovative and to find a healthy way to interact with people from a different sociocultural background. You can have fun in an international environment and learn how to create an impact to prevent radicalization. At the end of the experience you will be able to recognize the difference between extremism and positive believes.


The event will be in Piazza Re Enzo, in the hearth of Bologna. 27 Aprile 2019. More details will follow on Creativi108 social media platforms. We will keep you updated about the development of the Bootcamp and the rules for participation.

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